Own Your Money Power VIP Day

Do You Own Your Money Power?

Or are you frustrated, constantly pushing to prove yourself; wondering if you're ever going to feel like you've "Made It"?

You're a smart, ambitious, purpose driven woman committed to making a big impact through your business.  

You've got the big vision, the talent, and the business strategy. But something is holding you back.

Do you ... 

  • Have a well mapped out business strategy, maybe even a business coach, but you're self-sabotaging. You're not getting the return on the investment in the program/mastermind/coaching.
  • Feel like you're constantly pushing to prove yourself, and wondering when you're going to feel like you've really "Made It".
  • Have money, but it never feels easy. Instead there's resistance, irritation or maybe indifference.  
  • Look like you've got it all together on the outside, but you're faking self-worth more that you'd like to admit. 
  • Have negativity or scarcity in your money history. 
  • Experience money friction with others in your life: personal and/or business. 
  • Know you need to be knowledgable about wealth building, but it's overwhelming. 
  • Feel restless, dissatisfied, disconnected and/or out of "alignment".  

If you answered YES to even one, its time to Empower your Relationship with Money

I'm Lisa Peek, and I'm an expert in Women, Wealth and Impact.  

Spend a full day with me in an Exclusive Own Your Money Power VIP Day!  

During your VIP Day we will work for a full day together:

  • At a Luxury, private coaching setting in The Netherlands (or On-line if you prefer)
  • Extremely personalized to your specific needs
  • 6 hours of my undivided attention and expertise  
  • Deeper Breakthroughs in hours instead of months  
  • Apply Wealth strategies after just one day  

This VIP Day is for you IF you are:

  • Financially secure - you have steady income which you've earned, inherited and/or married.  
  • Starting or Up-scaling a purpose-driven business 
  • Dedicated to your personal and spiritual development 
  • Ready to dive deep into your relationship with money and wealth
  • Ambitious about growing your business revenue and net worth, while leaving a legacy  
  • Committed to creating a bigger impact 

This VIP Day is NOT for you if:

  • You have a large amount of unsecured debt  
  • You have never worked with a personal coach before 
  • You're only looking for tactical wealth building strategies

What's included in your VIP Day Package?

  • A 45 minute Intake Call to set goals for the day 
  • 6 hours of customized 1:1 coaching with me On-line or Off-line 
  • An exclusive Lunch with me when you choose an Off-line day
  • A glass of champagne together to celebrate your breakthroughs at the end of the day 
  • A 30 minute follow-up call within 15 days of your VIP Day  

Your Investment for the VIP Day package is $2000.

What Happens Next?

 Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours. If the VIP Day is right for your needs, I'll send you an invitation to schedule a short Get Acquainted Call in my agenda. During the call we will see if we are a good fit to work together and if so, schedule a date for your VIP Day.  

What can you expect from working with Lisa as a coach? 

"Working with Lisa was truly a breakthrough. Working on your money mindset and thinking about finances does not stop with finally earning (multiple) six figures. It’s still an issue if you have assets or property in the background. I never knew where to go with my 'special money story'. Lisa was the perfect fit for my next step. She helped me change my perspective on my money story and it showed immediately on my accounts. Thank you Lisa!"

Maria Husch, die Raumexpertin 

"Lisa has the extraordinary capacity to to ask the right question on the exact right moment. Seriously, Lisa’s words are like little gold nuggets. Don’t talk to her unless you want the kind of breakthroughs that leave you speechless at first, make you go: “Ooooooooh!, Why didn’t I see this!?!” secondly, and than magically all the pieces of the puzzle fall in place.  

When it’s a huge money breakthrough you yearn for, Lisa is the one who will set you up for it."  

Esther De Charon De Saint Germain

"Lisa is the go to person to get new insights and perspective on dealing with money & wealth!" 

Katharina Maier FRAU MAIER Stilberatung 

“Lisa is a force of nature and will help you change your energy”  

Mallika Paulraj, Four Minute Investing

“After coaching with Lisa I knew what I had to do to feel better about making much more money. She gave me really practical advice and also showed me how my work influences other people and their businesses. I became much clearer on how valuable my work is. Thanks Lisa!"  

Katharina Lewald, Katharina-Lewald.de 

"Lisa is the real deal! She uncovered several issues I would have never seen by myself. Now I'm ready and all set up to work through what could potentially sabotage my plans and goals. I feel 100% in my power to achieve them.  

If you believe you just need a better business-strategy, think twice. Get in touch with Lisa and see for yourself what's really holding you back. A year from now, you'll be happy you did."  

Sonja Limóne, Miracles To Go