Are You Ready for an Empowered Relationship with Money? The Kind that Helps You Create Unlimited Wealth and Impact?  

You are a smart, ambitious, conscious entrepreneur on a mission to serve thousands or even millions and create a serious impact ripple in the world.  

Leveling up triggers all sorts of money blocks: in your mindset, energetically and practically.  

You want an Expert Wealth Coach to work with you through these blocks, so that you fully stand in your personal power around money.  


Wealth Breakthrough

You want to work directly on a specific money block You are ready for a breakthrough to move to the next level in your business  

  • Preparation assignments
  • Two 90 minute virtual sessions with Lisa
  • Follow-up call within 30 days  

Investment is $900. 

Wealth Mastermind Day

You want to be in an exclusive setting with a small group of likeminded, successful entrepreneurs and also receive 1-1 attention for yourself and your money blocks so that you can upscale your business.  

  • Preparation assignments 
  • Six hours of masterminding with Lisa and likeminded entrepreneurs 
  • Focused “laser coaching” from Lisa for each participant 
  • Maximum 6-8 women for high interaction 
  • All-inclusive day with lunch and networking drinks
  • Follow-up call within 30 days  

Next date & location: November 2017 in Amsterdam

Investment is $1500.  

1-1 VIP Wealth & Impact Coaching  

You have several money blocks that you want to work on in the short term and receive “Short notice coaching” for incidental money blocks  

  • Six 60 minute sessions with Lisa over three months 
  • “Short notice coaching” access to Lisa within 24 hours for a 15 minute session during the subsequent six months  

Investment is $5000.  

Not sure which service is right for you?

Schedule an Introductory Call to get acquainted and determine if we are the right fit to work together and which service package best meets your needs.