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You're a smart, conscious woman with a BIG vision for your future...

You feel the potential for greater levels of prosperity and contribution.

You dream of being a thriving, impactful leader running a soulful and sustainable business.

You desire the joy and fulfillment from making a difference through your unique gifts

You believe that your business is a vehicle to realize your greatest contribution

And most of all - you want to fully realize your potential & step into the greatest version of your life!

You are ready to make profound changes in your financial life and leap forward into the larger, abundant destiny that's calling you.

But Right Now... 

You feel stuck or blocked and sometimes you wonder if you'll ever reach the level of impact and prosperity you sense is possible. 

Inspite of all of the work you've been doing on yourself, it feels like there is some financial barrier that you just cant seem to break through. 

The self-doubt, financial insecurity and wheel-spinning are eating away at your belief that true prosperity is also possible for you.

You're yearning to make the shift from simply surviving to financially thriving and being richly rewarded for the contributions you make through your business. 

Hi! I'm Lisa Peek, and I can help...

After years of riding a financial roller coaster, I started working with many of the best wealth, spirituality and business mentors in the world. I have developed a holistic methodology that has helped me heal my relationship with money, and become a thriving, prosperous, world-changing entrepreneur.

I now work as a Wealth Mentor and Transformational Coach & Speaker, helping soul-driven women from all over the world to breakthrough their inner money barriers in their life & business, so they can step into their next level of impact & income too!

I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, out of alignment and blocked around money. I know the frustration of feeling the gap between the wealth & prosperity you feel is possible deep inside and the reality of your current life and business finances.  

Together, we can close that gap so that you can step into the prosperous life and business you deserve to have!  

My greatest joy is supporting my phenominal clients to realize their vision for changing the world and being richly rewarded for doing it!  

You deserve to be a thriving, prosperous, world-changing entrepreneur, too.

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“Lisa helps you dream big and create structure. Dreaming big gives confidence in the impact that I can have in the world. Structuring the small steps gives confidence it’s possible to achieve that big dream. I now see how I can make my income and impact grow… Be prepared for Lisa's enthusiasm and energy. She means serious business. If you do the work, Lisa can bring you big dreams and real results.”

Alijne Verhaar, New Feminine Leaders

"Lisa is the real deal! She uncovered several issues I would have never seen by myself. Now I'm ready and all set up to work through what could potentially sabotage my plans and goals. I feel 100% in my power to achieve them. If you believe you just need a better business-strategy, think twice. Get in touch with Lisa and see for yourself what's really holding you back. A year from now, you'll be happy you did."  

Sonja Limóne, Miracles To Go

Work with me...

In my programs, I've helped hundreds of smart, conscious women just like you to have an empowered relationship to money and step into their new life as a prosperous, soul-aligned, world-changing entrepreneur. 

I'd love nothing more than to support you too and show you the steps to get there!

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"Working with Lisa was truly a breakthrough. Working on your money mindset and thinking about finances does not stop with finally earning (multiple) six figures. It’s still an issue if you have assets or property as well. I never knew where to go with my 'special money story'. Lisa was the perfect fit for my next step. She helped me change my perspective on my money story and it showed immediately on my accounts. Thank you Lisa!"

Maria Husch, die Raumexpertin

"Lisa has the extraordinary capacity to to ask the right question at the exact right moment. Seriously, Lisa’s words are like little gold nuggets. Don’t talk to her unless you want the kind of breakthroughs that leave you speechless at first, and then make you go: “Ooooooooh! Why didn’t I see this!?!” Magically all the pieces of the puzzle fall in place. When it’s a huge money breakthrough you yearn for, Lisa is the one who will set you up for it."  

Esther De Charon De Saint Germain, Wonderfully Weird Branding Queen

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