Money Mirror Magic Intensive

with Lisa Eunice Peek

A 30-day 1:1 transformational deep dive specifically for conscious business leaders. Designed to shift deeply rooted money energy patterns, create a higher vibrational setpoint, and unwavering trust that you have access to all the resources you need to realize your soul desires for your life & business - including money! 


You inspire me.

You're doing system changing work in the world.

Holding the highest intentions for humanity and the planet.

Committed to building your business in alignment with your soul's calling.

You've done the inner work to get to this point, and you know your business is an expression of who you are.

It's not just a way to earn money, it's a vehicle for your next level transformation.

You're here to be a pioneer in a new Soul-Aligned way to BE with and do business & money.

And I know that's not easy while we're all still swimming in an ocean of cultural scarcity.

One minute you're feeling on fire, connected and expansive.

Business and money is flowing and easy.

The next, you're feeling contracted, conflicted and heavy.

In those moments, you know it's time to look deeper.

Money is a Powerful Mirror

When money starts to feel heavy and 'sticky' it's trying to tell you something.

Money shows us our default energy patterns that keep us from feeling truly prosperous, fulfilled and free.

Because what's going on with money is never about the money.

It's a reflection of where our conditioning and filters are creating a disconnection to the truth of who we are.

It's showing us when we no longer trust in the unwavering support of the Universe.

And how we close ourselves off from true reciprocity and connection with other people.

Let's Look in the Money Mirror Together

I'm inviting you into a Money Mirror Magic Intensive...

This is a 30-day 1:1 transformational deep dive specifically for conscious business leaders. It's designed to shift deeply rooted money energy patterns, create a higher vibrational setpoint, and unwavering trust that you have access to all the resources you need to realize your soul desires for your life & business - including money! 

We'll hold powerful intentions together during your Money Mirror Magic Intensive

Honor your vision.

Hold your highest vision for who you came here at this time to BEcome and what you came to contribute through your business.  

Real Money talk.

Provide a safe space to have conversations about what is REALLY going on in your business and life with money, how you feel about it and the consequences.   

Release deep patterns.

Discover and release deeply rooted default energy patterns that pull you into lower energy vibrations of scarcity, control, fear, shame & isolation.  

Embody a higher money setpoint. 

Immerse yourself in an expansive field of prosperity & abundance to create a new set point in your money energy field. 

Expand & Receive. 

Expand your capacity to receive on all levels, including money. 

Magnetize resources.

Embody a new way of BEing with money that has you magnetize resources to you - including money.  

Unwavering Trust.

Experience deep trust that you have access to all of the resources you need to realize your soul’s desires - including the money!  

Integrate & Prosper!

Design the new structures and practices to support the integration of your new experience of Soul-Aligned Prosperity.  




Before working with Lisa I was spinning my wheels in my business and avoiding looking at my numbers and engaging in grounded business planning. Lisa supported me to transform a deep unconscious pattern that was holding me back from growing a thriving business. 

Now I’m clear on my offers, pricing, numbers and what I need to focus on to generate ease and success. I feel able to own my unique value, and I’m confidently enrolling clients who happily invest in my higher price points and doing the work I love helping visionaries grow their visibility.

Lisa is a brilliant visionary transformational coach who understands money blocks and creating a soul-aligned business so well. With her huge heart, magical intuition and playfulness, she holds a safe space for you to access and create your highest vision with abundance and flow."

Rionach Aiken,
Visibility Mentor for Visionary Leaders 

Working with Lisa has been invaluable. She has a spark that invites connection and a warmth that creates safety. Her ability to balance these qualities with her passion to empower and lay down a clear road map for transformation is a gift. I touched in on some tender places around ingrained patterns with money, and I felt held by Lisa through the entire process. 

Now, after working with Lisa I have a clearer understanding of the ways these underlying stories around money have been holding me back. I more clearly know I deserve what I desire. Even better, I have tools to ground me in this new story and help me live more of the life I want to live. 

I would recommend Lisa because she's wonderful and she's on fire about supporting conscious entrepreneurs! She sees the light in everyone and has a beautiful process for bringing you to the light of money.

Margarita Castro Mccabe,

Founder SoMama Coaching



The Money Mirror Magic Intensive features include:

  • 4 Prosperity Alignment 1:1 Coaching Calls over 30 days

    Call #1: Prosperity Activation Session - Designed to anchor in your vision and desires for prosperity and the contribution your soul is being called to create. 

    Calls #2 & #3: Money Mirror Magic Sessions - Designed to reveal and release the hidden pattern and default energy that has been blocking you from receiving the prosperity and money that is meant for you.

    Call #4: Anchoring Prosperity Session - Designed to claim and anchor your new Soul Aligned Prosperity energy and to determine next steps for Integrating your new energy in your life & business. 

    Some clients will choose to continue coaching with Lisa in an Expanding Prosperity 1:1 Coaching Container to further integrate your new energy.

  • Weekly ‘Homeplay’ inspired actions to accelerate your shifts in money & prosperity energy.

  • A personal on-line journal to capture your journey and share reflections with Lisa prior to the sessions - this frees up time in the sessions for deeper work. 

  • Voice Messaging support: Spot coaching to navigate and integrate in real time

"I received 6X in sales in what I set out to initially achieve. Unbelievable! Thank you for everything Lisa. I have thoroughly enjoyed your wisdom and our coaching. I’m one of your new raving fans!!!

- Aimee

"Working on your relationship to money and thinking about finances doesn't stop with finally earning multiple six figures. It’s more complex if you have assets & property. Lisa helped me shift my perspective around money and it showed immediately on my accounts. Thank you Lisa!” 

- Maria Husch, die Raumexpertin

"It doesn’t matter where you are with money & business – millions or just starting, Lisa’s combination of transformational methods, personal experience, enthusiasm and laser sharp coaching get’s results."

- Joanna

The Money Mirror Magic Intensive is for you when:

  • You have a clear "why" driving the contribution your business makes to the greater good (however you define that).
  • You are experienced with personal & spiritual transformation.
  • You're starting, scaling, pivoting or even selling your business... or have hit a revenue ceiling you can't break through. Maybe you're navigating tricky money situations with others.... or you're frustrated doing business in the current 'money scarcity consciousnesses'. Or numerous other money situations!
  • You view 'stickiness' (aka conflict, resistance, heaviness, stuckness) as an invitation to your next level of personal, spiritual and business growth.
  • You are willing to share vulnerably in a safe, confidential space about what is REALLY going on in your life and business around money.
  • You regularly commit time, effort and money to your transformational path.





Hi, I’m Lisa! After near spiritual & financial bankruptcy, I discovered that money is a powerful mirror for transformation!

Money shows us the default patterns locked in our energy system limiting our potential to fully experience freedom, joy, connection, and prosperity.

Now a conscious millionaire and transformational facilitator, I’ve supported hundreds of impact-driven leaders to shift their money energy and experience greater soul-aligned prosperity.

Our world needs more money in the hands of conscious business leaders like you!

Are you ready to look in the money mirror with me?

Please fill out an application to ensure we are an energetic match to work together. A response will be sent to you within 1-3 business days.